Million Air’s global acclaim began almost immediately from its inception in 1984, as our pioneering “Brass-and-Glass” opulence made our moniker virtually synonymous with “Luxury Flight Services.”

And with over a billion dollars in acquisitions and sales spanning every category of corporate aircraft, our Acquisitions & Marketing Division has for decades literally traversed the hemispheres in search of the ideal solution to the aviation needs of our demanding clientele, which extends to luminaries in the fields of business, philanthropy, celebrity, professional athletics and beyond.

Whether you are acquiring an aircraft or considering the marketing of your existing plane, Million Air’s experienced professionals provide the kind of comprehensive service you expect. And given that we uniquely continue to see our clients well after the sale (in-fact, they are typically right in our lobby every morning) disappointment is simply not an option. We leave the “hit & run” tactics to the brokerage houses.

Which aircraft? (Selecting the ideal model for your mission.)
As experts in every facet of corporate jet ownership and operation, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate your specific needs, and match them to the aircraft with the most suitable combination of range, payload, speed, cost-per-mile, and historic dispatch reliability in order to best meet your mission requirements. We can provide a complete hourly, monthly and annual operating cost analysis for any model of aircraft.

How do I find it? (Locating the finest example worldwide of your ideal aircraft.)
There are over 25,000 turbine aircraft operating worldwide. We make it our business to know exactly where each and every one of those aircraft is located every day of the year. We track not only the aircraft’s current owner and its home-base, but all previous ownership and bases as well. We have record of known damage incidents that may have occurred, even if done so decades prior.

We found it! (What’s next?)
This stage is absolutely critical to the success of the program. Essential procedural steps include the initial purchase negotiations, selection of a qualified prebuy inspection facility, compilation of the prebuy technical work-scope, oversight and analysis of the discrepancies uncovered, discrepancy rectification negotiations, final contracting, aircraft acceptance, and closing and transfer of title (including compliance with the new Capetown Convention requirements.)

A Silent Partner? (Offsetting ownership expenses with charter revenue.)
Would you find it attractive to offset your overall ownership and operating costs by anywhere from 30% to 80%? Inquire to find out how owners of everything from $2 million-dollar light-jets to $25 million-dollar heavy transports are taking advantage of Million Air’s charter revenue program. Owner’s enjoy 85% of the net charter revenues generated by our nationally recognized, ARG/US-Platinum rated Charter Division.


Acquisition Contacts

Donald F. Gantt, VP / Director, Aircraft Acquisitions & Sales
Million Air Dallas
Telephone: (972) 733-5823
Fax: (972) 248-3810

Debbie Staggs,
Director of Marketing & Special Events
Million Air Dallas
Telephone: (972) 733-5811
Fax: (972) 248-3810